When your new to our website, www.stickershark.com, it can be a little tough to understand how things work and where to begin to order your perfect printed products. We are here to always assist you in your design needs. To help speed up production, make things easier and to give you the best quality print we have come up with 5 easy steps to help you out and to help our website continue to grow. 

1- Select Your Product   -   "View Our Featured Products"  

 There can be a little bit of confusion at this point when making sure you know exactly what you want. Some products are set up where you have specific sizes that you have to select such as canvas prints and some you can make your own custom sizes such as stickers. On the left hand side of the designer you will see 4 different tabs. You will need to first select the product type you want, such as canvas prints or stickers, and continue through the steps until it allows you to go on to the next tab. Once you have completed this you have the base for your custom product. 

2- Upload/Create Your Design   -   "Start Your Design Now" 

 If you have made it to this step you have successfully selected your base product for your custom printing. From here you will begin designing your product. You will either,

A: Have your product designed and ready to upload.


B: Need to create your design from scratch.

If you already have your product designed or want a background image, you will select the "Upload Graphics" tab on the left and upload your file.

For the best quality upload please read "How To Format Your Artwork". Now from this point you either have a start of a design or a completed design. If you need to change a product color such as background or shirt color located at the bottom left of the designer is a product color tab that allows you to make your selection.

Feel free to add in custom text or clip art using the "Add and Edit Text" and "Add Graphics" tabs. 

Once you have your design and quantity selected, click the continue button located on the right hand side of the designer. On the next page you will answer any question in regards to your order to help us get a better understanding of exactly how you are wanting your prints.


Once you have completed your design and you are ready to checkout you will go to the checkout/shopping cart tab and proceed to make your payment. Here there are three options,

A: Checkout with PayPal

B: Login to our website


C: Fill in your information in sections available (Save your information to ensure a quicker process in your future orders)

Once you have completed this portion, feel free to enter our current promotion code "shark10" to receive a 10% discount on all current orders. There will be section in the box on the right side of this page. Apply the code and your discount will appear.

Once you finalize all the information you will finish up your check out. 

4- Shipping Your Products   

All orders come with free standard shipping! The email that you have entered in the information section will then be sent updated emails to allow you to track your packages. 

5- Leave Us a Review To Help Us Continue to Grow   - "The All New StickerShark"

As a website we are constantly trying to grow and better the business. Constructive criticism is the best way to better ourselves. With that being said we love and appreciate all feedback. Located on the homepage is a list of our feature products. We ask of everyone to please go to the item you just purchased and click the review tab to leave your feedback in regards to the quality of your item, our service and your experience with the website. Every review counts!

If you have experienced problems when trying to order, even if you have tried following all the steps, we are always here to help you. The best way to consult us is at sales@stickershark.com. We will contact you within 24 business hours with an answer and fix to the issue at hand. Thanks to everyone for your support!