In this video we go behind the scenes printing a new sticker for our friends over at the Average Squad. Nothing fancy just good quality stickers shipped fast. You can find out more about Average Squad here. We wanted to take the time to develop something visual for all our customers to see and we will be doing more videos like these very soon. At Sticker Shark we feel it is vitally important to share your story. One way to tell your story in through stickers, but another way is through video. We hope you enjoy and if you do please jump on the Social Media links below to share the love with us!



As you can see there's quite a bit that actually goes into your sticker printing. First we begin with design and proofing the sticker to ensure the best quality print. If we didn't take the time to make sure your files are in the right format and ensure proper vectorization of the art your stcker may come out grainy or pixelated in the end. No one wants their stickers to come out looking crazy messed up.

Next comes the print process in which we choose the highest quality vinyl materials to print your custom design onto. Then comes the finish! This ensures your sticker remains weather-proof and the quality does not fade with the various external conditions. We offer this finish in both Matte and Gloss!

Lastly comes the cutting phase where our machine expertly cuts your sticker into the proper sticker shape. After cutting it's time to pluck those bad boys out, shrink wrap them into stacks, and prep them for shipping straight to your front door. We hope you enjoyed this video and please be on the lookout for more of them.