4 years ago a few college friends got together and had an idea to create a small sticker company (First shop pictured below). In the early stages we just did work for our friends and honestly it just gave us a reason to not go to class. After a few years the business grew into a sustainable business with a ton of vision but vision is all we had. What is vision?  Honestly vision is a tough word to understand sometimes. You hear motivational speakers talk about and it makes you think that you need to be doing all these things to get to some destination. To me it is having ideas of a path but it does not include the action part to set that forth. So let me explain my reasoning for this babbling. 

Our first shop setup in our 400sqft garage

(This Picture brings back so many memories. We setup our first shop in our college house in a closed in garage.)

Too much vision and not enough action will kill a business idea. In 2015 we launched our second website and that is exactly what we did. Vision to make tons of money, vision to become number one on google, vision to build a huge print company. For 2 years we set off on this path of misery. Daily meetings that inspired us only to leave the shop feeling empty. We lost touch to what really mattered. The reasons we decided to start StickerShark in the first place. In Jan. of 2017 we made a decision to reestablish our mission and ideas. Our main mission being to keep customers first and treat everyone like a brother/sister. Mission number 2 was to simplify everything. Focus on what we are good at doing and that is making stickers. We decided to split t-shirts off into a separate business called Era Tees (Coming soon). We also simplified the website to make a seamless order from start to finish. You can literally check out in 5 minutes or less. Our final mission was to enjoy the process. Quit overthinking ads, search engines, blog posts etc… and just have fun with it. 

Being transparent with all this has made it extremely easy to enjoy what we are doing. At the end of the day we want to lie down and know that we are doing what we we’re meant to do. If we can create that here at StickerShark then I will say that we are successful. Monetary success only goes so far yet it is what drives 95% of business startups. We want to welcome you to 5% and our awesome new journey here at StickerShark.com. 

We love honesty and hope to hear feedback from everyone that is a part of our family. Now go slap those stickers everywhere and send us some pictures. Dont forget to tag us on Instagram.